Our company has been operating in the sector of plastic injection moulding parts for 14 years.
Experience, technical skills and passion are our guiding thread. We are specialist in production of components for household appliances, car and motorbike industries, medical appliances and hotel guest supplies. Our expertise and our small dimensions allow us to the flexible, to be dynamic, to guarantee high quality results and a close control system for both the small and big quantities.
In our factory in Ponte S. Marco we use recently constructed injection molding machines staring from 75 to 450 ton complete with automatic equipments.
We are able to produce plastic parts from 0 to 2000 grs.
The raw materials we use mostly are ABS PP PS PA POM PMMA SMMA and we buy only first choice and certificated materials in order to guarantee quality and technical specifications.

The injection moulded parts are our main job but we are also able to:
- print the components in hot stamping or by silk screen printing system;
- plan and built new moulds;
- test the mould and produce little testing series.